About TheRevMom


  • An ordained as a pastor and teacher in the United Church of Christ.
  • A Pastor committed to the revitalization, renewal, and relevancy of the Body of Christ in a new era.
  • An energetic and creative preacher and leader. 
  • The mother of two adult sons who have chosen fine partners she consider her daughters.
  • Oma to an amazing child who brings her hope, energy, and life.
  • Married to her best friend -- a great guy who happens to also be a pastor -- for nearly 35 years.
  • Has spent most of her professional life as an intentional interim pastor leading conflict transformation and difficult transitions in hurtingconflicted, and panicking congregations who were also between pastors. She has tilled the soil and fertilized the ground for called pastors who have followed her. 
  • Is now planted in a ministry with and beside a community of fellow sojourners with whom to unwrap the future God has in mind for the Body of Christ known as First Congregational Church  in La Grange Illinois.

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