15 January, 2015

Reflecting on this

I found this in the comments on one of my regular sermon prep sites.....

"[T]he church is evolving into a new form that is going to be less institutional and more flexible and moving into the world.  For most of our congregations and denominational bodies, going out to people with the Gospel is to bring them into our buildings and make them members. We are too hung up on the numbers game.  Christ told his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them everything that he had taught them.  I see nothing here in getting people to get their names on a membership roll or doing anything else than giving one's life to Jesus.

What Jesus told his disciples was simple:  "Follow me."

Where in that simple sentence does it say to believe X, Y, and Z?

Where in that simple sentence does it tell them to Testify? Obey? Convert?


verb \ˈfä-(ˌ)lō\
: to go or come after or behind (someone or something)
: to go after or behind (someone) secretly and watch to find out what happens
: to come after (something) in time or place or as part of a series

No matter which of these definitions we choose, what Jesus asks is that we pattern ourselves after him, that we walk his walk, look at what he does, and do likewise. 

How are we doing?

08 January, 2015

Sundays Sermon in a Wordle 

06 January, 2015

Epiphany's Love

On this Epiphany morning, the sun is reflected on the crystalline snow.
Powder iced trees produce wind blown dandruff
Squirrels prance across fence tops.
If this is my Epiphany, my heart has been iced
For the beauty of the Christ's light is aimed toward the dark and dreary
Recesses of this cold world,
Places where only Love's warmth can thaw 

Cots upon which only the Healer's hand can bring life.
The beauty of this day is a gift;
Ours to return is the face of Love to the unloved.